Bets on StarCraft

Among the e-sports disciplines in which major international competitions are held and team games prevail. However, there are projects that are designed for an individual confrontation between two players. First-person shooters (such as Quake) and real-time strategy games are especially popular in these encounters. In recent years, bettors have preferred to do Starcraft 2 betting and similar individual strategies.


StarCraft is one of the best-known real-time strategy games, set in the distant future, some 300 years later. The essence of the game is the confrontation of three races, each of which seeks to conquer the world. In the process of achieving the goal, the player accumulates resources, develops an army and destroys opponents.
The goal of Starcraft 2 is to gather an army and destroy the enemy.

Thoughtful gameplay and great balance have turned the game into a significant esports discipline. Thousands of professional gamers participate in it, and tens of thousands of gamblers make Starcraft betting on the results of the meetings.


Types of bets

Esports betting Starcraft is not much different from standard sports betting on matches with two athletes. Bookmakers and cyber offices include several betting options:

  • The victory of a game participant in a given match or round.
  • Participant’s victory in the entire tournament.
  • The place that the participant will take within the framework of the championship.
  • The duration of the round and match.
  • The number of wins and losses in all meetings in which a particular gamer participates.
  • Bets with total, handicaps, handicaps.
  • Some specialized cyber companies offer original types of bets, including those on certain gaming events. For example, who will be the first to create the necessary building or attack the enemy.

Notable events


Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular esports disciplines. International competitions are especially popular with experienced gamers, bookmakers and spectators:

DreamHack is a web-based competition. It takes place twice a year in Sweden.

BlizzCon. Annual championship from strategy developers. Held as part of a conference organized by the company.

Intel Extreme Masters is a major international championship held under the auspices of the ESL.

MLG Pro Circuit is an international tournament organized by the MLG league.

GOMTV Global Starcraft II League is an international championship taking place in South Korea. The average tournament prize pool is $ 200,000.

Among the international competitions, the championship organized by the game developer stands out. Over the past 20 years, Blizzard Entertainment has created a number of interesting strategies, including, for example, the most popular Warcraft franchise. Most of the games developed by the company are still popular esports disciplines that millions of players bet on.


How and where to put

The best option is to bet on Starcraft in a reputable company with at least ten years of history – for example, Parimatch. It offers a detailed list, high ratio and reliability backed by a long-term reputation.

Starcraft betting site is a great option for you. Go ahead and start making money on your winnings.