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LOL Betting Odds

Lol esports betting can generate real and very impressive income at the right odds. One “sixth sense” is not enough to succeed. Here we are talking about a detailed analysis of analytics. This process is best treated as real work. The reward for your work can be truly worthwhile.


In-play LOL Betting at Parimatch


Types of esports lol betting:

  • Victory in a certain game;
  • First Blood – the team or player who will make the first kill;
  • The exact score is the ratio of killed characters for each team by the end of the round;
  • Total capture of Nashor – how many times the players of a certain team will defeat the strongest neutral monster in the Rift;
  • Summoners. Killing this monster grants all living team members the Baron’s Hand buff;
  • Who will take the next dragon – which of the teams will kill a neutral monster (Dragon) next to get a special boost;
  • Do they block a specific hero – before the start of the game, each team blocks a specific character that will be inaccessible to the enemy. Thus, teams cut off “combining pairs” – two or more characters who get a serious game advantage by interacting with each other;
  • Total destroyed Inhibitors – how many times a certain team will destroy a special structure (Inhibitor) that blocks the appearance of enemy superminions on a certain line on the map;
  • Long-term forecast for reaching the semi-finals, finals, super-finals, for the winner of a tournament or League.

Features of betting on League of Legends:

  • In League of Legends, all events are linked. If the team commits more kills, it accordingly earns more gold and has a better chance of killing epic monsters and winning;
  • There is no “strongest” team in LoL. Even if it seems so. Remember the historic fall of the Korean team SKT T1. If you feel that the team with the lower odds has a greater chance of winning – bet;
  • Do not be discouraged if the team you put on sags. The situation can change dramatically in an instant;
  • Players who prefer to make unpopular picks often show extraordinary and effective play;
  • The tank is an integral part of the team. Some teams strive to win quickly, and only take on the damage dealers. It is only effective for the first 35 minutes. Further – “fat” decides.

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Parimatch League of Legends Bonus Offers


By doing lol betting but Parimatch, you can get the following bonuses:

  • Special bonuses. Any bonuses that are timed to current or future exciting events can be attributed to this category. They can be of any kind and are a good way to attract the attention of players.
  • Promotions – This includes promotions that do not fall into the categories listed above. Bookmakers can offer bonuses for express bets, loyalty programs, bonuses associated with a non-standard outcome of the game, etc.
  • Individual bonuses are good for attracting regular customers who, for some reason, stopped making bets. Having made a tempting offer to them, the bookmaker can return such a player “to work”, since an individual offer is more beneficial for the player than regular bonuses.

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League of Legends Events

Revival of the Guardians

A black mist shrouds all continents in darkness, enslaving the minds of champions. The Guardians of the Light are preparing to defend Runeterra, and they will need all their allies.

Join Lucian, Senna and Gwen on their journey through the regions of Runeterra at 11:00 p.m. on July 8, 2021, and battle Viego and his minions until August 10, 09:59 p.m. ET. Or go to lol betting sites, winnings await you.