Bets on Esports

Types of Esports Bets on Parimatch

Outright rates. A very popular type of long-term event betting. It can be a victory of a player or a team in a separate tournament. For example, a bet on the victory of a certain candidate in a presidential election can also be called an outright bet.


The odds for such bets are usually quite high, therefore, newcomers to betting often decide that these types of bets are very risky.

Handicap bets. Esport betting, as with other competitive disciplines, has a big problem with low odds. For example, when a clear favorite and an outsider are playing, the favorite will have a low coefficient, and no one will bet on the outsider. As a result, such a match will not arouse interest among betters. Therefore, bookmakers have come up with a way to increase (or rather equalize) the odds and interest in the match, adding new conditions and details.

As a result, the type of handicap bets emerged. Such bets make it possible to conditionally level the teams’ chances by providing an advantage to both the outsider (handicap with a “+” sign) and the favorite (handicap with a “-” sign). The handicap itself can be expressed by the number of goals, balls, points, etc. Essentially, the handicap tightens the winning conditions for the favorite.

Accumulative rates (express bets). This is a different type of betting for low odds events. Bookmakers offer players to bet on several independent events at the same time. The final multiplier is obtained by multiplying the odds of individual events, which leads to an increase in the possible winnings. Such a bet wins if all the events included in the “express” are correctly guessed. If at least one prediction fails, then the bet is lost.

Special bets. They are common in classic sports, but they are still rare in esports. The fact is that special bets are created for any situation that can happen. This is a rather risky bet, but this type always attracts real money gamblers.

These bets are offered for unexpected events and most often they do not involve analysis or in-depth research. An example of this is the Parimatch bookmaker’s bet on Astralis winning the Berlin Major or any other team.

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Dota 2

Since its launch in 2011, Dota 2 has been one of the main esports disciplines. Through the use of crowdfunding, it boasts the largest prize pools in esports. The game’s developer, Valve, is the organizer of the annual The International, in which the best players from all over the world compete for multi-million dollar prize money. The prize pool of The International 2016 exceeded $ 20,000,000, and the stream of the final match between NaVi and Alliance attracted an audience of 4,600,000 spectators.


Cs Go

CS: GO boasts huge success in esports. In addition to dozens of tournaments from third-party organizers, Valve runs a series of competitions called Majors. These tournaments feature large prize pools that are growing thanks to crowdfunding from the CS community. Each major tournament until 2016 had a prize pool of $ 250,000 and attracted huge audiences from thousands of esports fans in stadiums and millions of spectators on streams on the Internet. In 2016, the prize pool for major tournaments was increased to $ 1,000,000.

League of Legends

The largest esports league in the world
League of Legends is one of the largest esports disciplines. Since 2011, Riot Games has hosted an annual World Championship in which 16 professional teams compete for a prize pool of $ 1,000,000. In addition to the World Championship, Riot Games also hosts the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), two professional esports leagues. Within the LCS, 20 teams compete in separate leagues for Europe and the United States, 10 teams per region. Both leagues are split into two parts – one in the spring and the second in the summer

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 today is not only an interesting strategy designed to brighten up your leisure time, but also an e-sports discipline in which tournaments with large prize pools are held. Players from all over the world compete in the control of space races in order to defeat the opponent and prove that they deserve the title of champion in esports. Blizzard runs its own series of competitions called the World Championship Series, in particular, the prize pool for WCS Global Finals 2018 totaled $ 700,000.


Many predict a bright future for this game in the esports arena. This is explained by the fact that it compares favorably with the visual style and gameplay from other esports shooters, in particular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty. It also boasts a wide variety of maps and heroes, and good support from Blizzard ensures the project’s longevity.

The first major international game championship was held by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) in August 2016. This tournament, called the Atlantic Showdown, brought together eight of the best teams from around the world to battle for a $ 100,000 prize pool.

In-play eSports betting

Parimatch offers a wide variety of live Esport gaming betting options. The most popular games are Dota 2, CS: GO and League of Legends.

LIVE handicap and money line bets are available at Parimatch, as well as bets on winning individual games. There are also game-specific bets: you can place bets on the first kill in League of Legensa, first blood in Dota2, and on who wins a full buy in CS: GO. LIVE bets are available during all major tournaments for the aforementioned games, and Parimatch plans to expand the LIVE line in the future. Find out Esport betting odds on the website and start betting.

Mobile eSports betting


What do you need for mobile esports? Nothing at all – a smartphone and high-quality Wi-Fi. This can be easily obtained at home or in a cafe, and even easier at a tournament. For a regular LAN for CS: GO or Dota 2, you need not only a spacious room, but also a broadband connection to the network, productive computers. In addition, the players themselves constantly take with them all the necessary peripherals and a headset, which is not always easy and convenient.


Parimatch Esports Payment Methods

Not all online bookmakers have land-based reception points for Esport gaming betting, and Parimatch is no exception. Therefore, many novice players are interested in how to replenish an account in the Parimatch bookmaker? This betting company accepts sports betting via Android and iOS phone apps, mobile apps and the official website.

Parimatch Esports Bonus

A risk-free bet is a type of bonus that comes in two types. Or you get a free betting Esport on your account. You do it for the selected event and only the winnings are credited to your account. For example, if you win a bet of 500 rubles with a coefficient of 1.50, only 250 rubles will be credited to your account. If the bookmaker promises you a risk-free bet, then you bet your money on the match. If the bet loses, the bookmaker credits the amount of your bet to your account (or the maximum amount specified in the conditions of the promotion).