Bets on CSGO

CS GO Betting Odds

You can make a bet in CS GO in the following forms:

  • In cash. The player replenishes the deposit in a way convenient for him and available on the csgo betting site.
  • Skin bets. Skins are items that you can buy to participate in the game on the market or get real money for them.

However, not all bookmakers accept this type of betting. Most of them accept bets on CS: GO with money.



In-play CS Go Betting at Parimatch


In order to regularly rise on the rates “rial time”, you need to be able to conduct an emergency analysis of the match and understand what factors to take into account in order to predict the winner based on a large number of factors.

  • Line-ups. This factor is extremely important in MOVA games. The better must understand which heroes go to certain lanes, who they are supposed to be against, and how good their chances are. You can already start from this in order to predict the winner, but remember that the laning stage does not always become decisive, and sometimes, even after losing the lane, it is likely that the team will win in the late stage. All this must be understood and taken into account during the analysis.
  • The history of the game of specific players and teams. This is an extremely important factor for any esports discipline. Understanding how and in what conditions different teams or players play, as well as they are somewhat equal in skills, you will roughly estimate the team’s chances of winning, having more information after the start of the match.
  • On the other hand, this usually affects the odds as well, but there are often situations when the bettor is better at analyzing, and he sees an opportunity for a bet where the bookmaker’s analysts thought it was not there.
  • It may even be useful to know the features of the configs of different players and make their own rating.
  • There are many sites for different games showing eSports live results. But be sure to watch not only statistics, but also match streams.


Go to csgo betting sites and start winning.


Parimatch CS GO Bonus Offers

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How to take part in the promotion?

  • Register or log in on the page of the promotion of BC “Parimatch”;
  • Make bets from RUB 500 with odds of 1.50 and more on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events in the “Cybersport” section;
  • In the event that, based on the results of promotional bets, you remain in the red, the bookmaker will return you part of the lost funds in the form of bonuses (no more than 5000 ₽).

CS:GO Live Betting Tips


Live betting on eSports disciplines is practically a philosophical topic. There are many factors and nuances that need to be considered when placing a bet on a particular event. The time limit only adds complexity. In the same shooters, everything can be solved in a matter of seconds.

Learn about betting csgo. What are the moments to place a bet and how to play? Competitive CS: GO is played on maps where the same scenario always unfolds. Terrorists (T) need to plant a bomb or kill all commandos to win the round. To win the round, Special Forces (SWAT) must either kill all the terrorists or clear the bomb. Teams play for both. The sides change after 15 rounds played.

All tournament cards have their own characteristics. Each of the sides on a particular map can have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is generally accepted that de_overpass has a very strong (ST) side. As a rule, the team for this side gains more rounds, the more the other. After the change of sides, the leading team needs to collect a small number of rounds for the final. But if somehow, the terrorists in the first half managed to ensure the minimum lag or even gain more rounds than CT, then in this case the team that played for T in the first half will most likely win, since after the change of sides will play for the strong side.

If you take this moment into account correctly, you can make a very profitable bet. Bookmakers do not always assess such situations correctly. To understand which cards are imbalanced and which are not, you need to play all of them yourself, or look at the corresponding statistics on special sites. Of course, the developers make changes to the maps from time to time to balance the sides. Therefore, it is necessary to follow all updates and listen to players and experts.

A strong economy is the most important moment in the game. Frags, exploding and clearing bombs, won rounds bring money to the teams. It is very important to earn the money advantage from the very beginning in order to buy more powerful weapons, armor and grenades. All this greatly helps to fill frags and capture important points on the map. For example, if team A lost in the first round, then in the next 2 rounds it is forced to save money and not buy any weapons. Thus, the score in most cases becomes 3-0 in favor of team B.


But the following situation often happens: Team (CT) won one of the rounds, but at the same time lost 4 players, and the terrorists managed to plant a bomb and made several important frags. All this brought them a good amount of money. Let’s add here that CT had a bad economy before this round, and the won round did not bring any serious success due to large losses. For a complete picture, let’s add the 13:11 score in CT’s favor. It seems that the counter-terrorists won an important round (there are only 3 rounds left to win), in their favor the score and the emotional uplift. But in the next round, it turns out that CT does not have enough money for the most key weapons and uniforms, while the terrorists, on the contrary, have a much better economic situation. In this case, it is more profitable to bet on T, since by winning the next round they will win the game in most cases. CT’s economy will deteriorate even more and they will have to give up several rounds or take risks and buy unreliable guns and armor.