BK PariMatch – your best choice

 legal bookmaker
BK PariMatch is a legal bookmaker

BK PariMatch is one of the most popular legal bookmakers among sports betting companies! The platform is extremely easy and convenient to use! Also, it is famous for a huge number of games and bets!

Its main feature is higher odds on events from the selection on the main page of the resource. For example, the odds on favorites in football do not fall below 1.5 and sometimes reach 1.8. These are very high figures!


The new version of the bookmaker’s office guarantees the reliability and absolute legality of the betting. Such innovation has been noted not only by ordinary customers but also by experts in the field of betting.

On the main page of the BK portal, there are current events: current promotions, bonuses. Just below you can find the list of live betting from which you can find out what you are betting on at the moment, what games are on, and what video broadcasts you can watch.

BK Parimatch current promotions, bonuses
On the main page of the BK PariMatch portal, there are current events: promotions, bonuses

Line and odds for sports betting

Online sports betting on BK PariMatch is accepted only from users over 18 years of age.

The line of matches consists of analytical data, formed based on external sources. At the same time, it is noted that the line on BK PariMatch itself is much bigger than that of competitive bookmakers. There are considerably more sports, the spreads will appeal not only to beginners but also to experienced betting fans. The football line-up is the richest in events.

You should always follow your chosen strategy, calculated in advance, with a certain degree of probability. In it, you have already determined for yourself the size of each bet (about 1-3% of the total pot, so a loss will not hit your budget too hard), the number of different bets per week, how many singles, and how many express bets you need to make to increase your income. If you start to stray from the strategy you have chosen, it is the beginning of the road to bankruptcy. And make it a rule not to raise your fixed bet by more than a few points.

Also, do not place your bets out of personal attachments to any teams and athletes. They should not be connected in any way to your future profits. After all, if you bet on your favorite football team, and they are not having the best of times, someone got injured, someone’s coach decided to save some money and left them in reserve, someone is just not in shape. This can easily cause you to lose the whole pot. And if you bet on BK PariMatchon your opponent and win, you can go to your favorites’ next game and cheer them on live, thus proving your love and commitment to the team.


BK PariMatch line does not contain the highest odds, but you can increase them with some options:

  • Express+
    A client makes a bet on several events at once;
  • Order odds
    This becomes possible only in the case of betting a large sum of money. But the final decision is up to the bookmaker.

Overview of BK PariMatch line and odds

In its line BK PariMatch offers players:

  • The usual disciplines (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis);
  • Martial arts (boxing, MMA);
  • Car and motorbike racing;
  • Exotic competitions (cricket, American football).

The odds on BK PariMatch are among the highest, while the margin remains average among all legal companies.

BK Parimatch offerings
The company’s BK PariMatch offerings are based on years of experience

Playing in Live and logging in to BK PariMatch

To log in to Parimatch do the following:

  • Click on “Login”;
  • Then you have to enter your username and password (the latter can be your phone number, e-mail or account number);
  • Click on “Login”.

In case a player forgets the secret combination, BK PariMatch has the possibility to restore it. You can use a phone, e-mail, or account number for the procedure.

The fact that there is no clear division between live and pre-match in the bookmaker’s office deserves a mention in the review. On its official website, events from both lines are mixed. However, the disciplines for which live events are available are marked with a red icon with a corresponding inscription.

To see only live matches on the BK PariMatch, you will need to click on the button with the same name at the top of the page. For some disciplines, live matches are not available.

Bonuses and promotions


BK PariMatch is giving a welcome bonus to those who register for the first time.

Of the deposit amount:

  • First sign up bonus;
  • Second bonus on the first deposit.
  • For those who have been playing for a long time, the bookmaker regularly runs themed promotions, timed to coincide with various sporting events.

The bonus offers on the BK PariMatch are constantly updated. Below are some of the promotions that have taken place most recently:

  • Drawing of tickets for UEFA European Football League games;
  • Bonus-plus for express bets;
  • Active Betting Reward for betting on virtual sports;
  • CashOut – receiving your winnings before the betting results are announced;
  • Formula 1 Bonus for correct prediction.

BK PariMatch private office overview

To get to the BK PariMatch private office, you have to click on the button “Deposit” in the main menu or on the account icon in the upper right corner of the home page.

Client’s profile of betting company contains the following blocks:

  • Personal information – basic information about the player. Also in this tab, you can pass the verification.
  • Money transactions – presents the functions of deposit and withdrawal of winnings.
  • My stakes – displaying of the betting history.
  • Promos – personalized bonus offers of BK PariMatch are placed.
  • Preferences – change odds and CashOut amount displaying.
  • Help & information – contains documentation about bookmaker’s office work (rules, conditions, licenses, and so on).
  • Exit.

On the left side, there are quick-access buttons. There are two of them:

  • Deposit;
  • Verification.
BK Parimatch
BK PariMatch – your game, your win

Video broadcasts on the BK PariMatch portal

On the platform of the bookmaker’s office organized free online broadcasts of sports events.

To watch live broadcasts do the following:

  • Open the Live tab on the website;
  • Find the competitions marked with the play icon;
  • Go to the page of the desired game;
  • Click on the tab with the play icon;
  • Click on the play icon.

The picture is then displayed. It can be expanded to full screen if you wish, but you cannot adjust the resolution. The BC though gives an acceptable format – HD. The volume can be adjusted.

How to bypass the blocking

Despite having licenses granting the right to engage in the gambling business, logging in to BK PariMatch may be blocked. In this case, players are offered to use one of two ways. One is a VPN. TOR browser is especially popular now. Using it is completely anonymous. When you log in to the anonymizer, the user is redirected to the servers of the countries where the resource works officially. VPN bypasses any blocking.

BK Parimatch - your game
BK PariMatch – In terms of disciplines, the company offers all the most popular

Design and interface of the official site BK PariMatch

The resource of the bookmaker’s office is made in a strict black color. But the blocks where the matches listings are placed are made white with a dark font. This provides good contrast and excellent readability for users of BK PariMatch.

Let’s start with the logo in the top left corner. Next to it is the main menu button (three horizontal lines). It contains the following sections:

  • My Account. Opens the profile of the bettor.
  • Replenish the account. Redirects the client to the personal cabinet, from which it is possible to make a deposit.
  • Favorites. Here users add matches they are interested in.
  • Promotions. Information about current promotions.
  • Terms and conditions. Nuances of gambling, operating in BK PariMatch.
  • License. Information about BK’s approvals.
  • Mobile applications. Links to download software (there are versions for operating systems Android and iOS).
  • Support. How to contact support.

At the top of the screen there are three buttons:

  • Live;
  • Upcoming matches;
  • Favorites (duplicate main menu item).

In the top right corner of the BK, there are log-in and registration buttons. If the user has already created a profile and logged in, the profile and deposit icons appear instead.

On the left, there is a list of sports and championships. On the right is the betting slip.